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Creating Income and Accumulating Wealth to Live Your Best Life!

Social media is an interesting thing.  On one had it has been a game changer for most businesses and individuals looking to get a message out or create change.  It allows the exchange of all types of information quickly and easily.  It even allows us to keep in touch with old friends and family members […]

The Real Truth About Rental Properties and 10X Goal Setting

A few weeks ago, just after my twins were born, we met with our financial planner about adding our new additions to our life insurance policy. While we were talking, we discussed how much it costs to raise a child in today’s world.  He quoted an article published by the Globe and Mail that is […]

Real Estate Investing for Retirement

Whether you want to retire early or simply want a retirement plan for the future, real estate investing will definitely guarantee you a secure and convenient retirement — if you put the effort in. If you are considering real estate investing for retirement but are not sure about the how-to’s then continue reading as we will help […]

Why Real Estate Investing is A Business In A Box

I am obviously a huge proponent of real estate investing as a method to grow your wealth. But it truly is a business, and just like any other business it has the good and the bad! The good: -You have a product that is extremely in demand (if you have a good property in a […]