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You’ll learn the #1 real estate investing strategy that’s created millions in cash flow for investors across the GTA without flipping houses

This FREE 90-minute training class outlines the exact process local investors are using for their success all over Southern Ontario.

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“So what will you learn in the upcoming FREE class anyway?”

In this FREE 90- minute class you’ll learn a relatively unknown and little used investing strategy that will help you double your assets, cash flow, and wealth every few years. Plus, you’ll learn how to profit from real estate right here in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe without having to rehab and renovate distressed homes.

During the class, I’ll show you:

  • The types of homes I prefer to invest in and why.
  • The mortgage programs used by real estate investors in Canada.
  • The specific tactics used to implement one of my favourite strategies.
  • How to create positive cash flow properties right in your own backyard
  • The difference between investing and flipping or rehabbing.
  • How I get a massive return on initial investments within weeks of closing.

Seating is limited so reserve your spot now to avoid the waiting list!

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We Are Sharing Our Best, Fundamentally Sound Real Estate Investing Strategies That We Actually Implement Right Here in the Greater Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Areas!

Are you struggling to get started? Are you lost in the maze of books, meetings, seminars and boot camps? We were.

We have put together a system that streamlines the real estate investing process.
You see, systems are the key to success. Without them you are left standing in the dark with no flash light and no map.

What good is all the real estate information you’ve read or listened to without a guide to show you the way?

You see, when real estate investing you should follow proven principles. Principles are universal and don’t change.

It needs to be taught, shared and tweaked by people actually implementing it.

The people who attend this class will have the ability to master real estate investing like buying in fundamentally good areas and focusing on fundamentally good properties are strategies that stand the test of time.

However, the tactics used to implement these strategies change depending on the market we are in.
No one told us this little critical piece of information.

A real estate investing system needs to combine the time tested principles of real estate investing with the “on the streets” tactics that work right here in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Areas today.te investing at a new level.

Don’t miss this unique experience.

We look forward to meeting you and developing a life-long friendship.

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Seating is limited so reserve your spot now to avoid the waiting list!

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What Can You Expect After Registering For The Training Class?

After you submit your address our office will reach out to you to confirm your registration and we’ll mail you information on our next upcoming Training Class. What happens after that is completely up to you. If you come to the class and meet us we’ll cover both the positive aspects of investing in real estate and the negative. We’ve found that understanding both can be very helpful.

What Should You Expect As Results?

During this class you learn how to use a systematic process to analyze and find properties that can produce more in rental revenues than they cost in mortgage expenses. We also share actual case studies of people that have gone through this process themselves. And, if you are ever interested, you can reach out to us for even more client case studies – we’re more than willing to share them.


1. Although many of our clients have purchased a rental property and are enjoying great success with it, there are no guarantees with real estate, anything can happen, and we cannot guarantee that you will have the same experiences.

2. Also, please note that each person’s investing success depends on their own efforts, market conditions at the time and economic enviorments that can change at any time.

3. You should know that every effort has been made to accurately represent the investing models we share.

4. We want to be extremely transparent with you. We are not lawyers or accountants. Any legal or financial advice is our opinion based on our own experiences. Always seek the advice of a licensed professional before acting on any real estate related decisions you may make.

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