Kitchener real estate investment

Kitchener Real Estate Investment

Investors are smart to look at the Kitchener real estate investment market.

The real estate market in Kitchener is witnessing first-hand how it’s developing into a world class city.

I work with a lot of real estate investors who have heard from various real estate investment coaches, investment publications and seminars telling them Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and Barrie are good markets to invest in. I tend to agree.

Cash flow in the Kitchener real estate investment market

Most investors invest for cash flow, and it’s a smart thing to do, but because of Kitchener’s growth, investors can look for properties with long term appreciation in mind.

You see, there is a lot happening in Kitchener. There is an ongoing increase in employment in the city, expansions to the GO transit system, the implementation of the LRT (light rail transit), easy access to highways 401 and Conestoga Parkway, local universities and colleges and many flourishing neighbourhoods.

Where are the best 9 places to invest in Kitchener Waterloo?

Let’s quickly run through some of the major highlights of the Kitchener real estate investment market and surrounding areas in Waterloo. There are many options but here are some things to consider:

1) The LRT: properties within two kilometres will be positively impacted. Properties within 800 meters of a stop or station will see the greatest impact. Some areas that the LRT will run through, like Uptown Waterloo are already pricey, but there are neighbourhoods like Northfield, The Mary/Allen neighbourhood and the neighbourhood near the Fairview Park Mall that will see some real appreciation.

2) The GoTrain: the neighbourhoods within a kilometre to the GoTrain are currently getting a lot of attention. There are a lot of people who work in Toronto and ride this train everyday. With the number of trains doubling next year, this area will only continue to appreciate.

3) The Tannery. The so-called “Innovation District” has attracted lots and lots of people to the region. Google is growing. Desire to Learn has a strong desire to grow. Electronic Arts, the gaming guys are quickly out-growing their office in downtown Kitchener. People like to live near where they work.

4) Fariway Road Bridge. The first bridge over the Grand River since 1964 providing easy access to Cambridge and the 401. The area near Old Zeller and Upper Mercer is a good one. It has good schools too.

5) Doon and Brigadoon. Near Conestoga College but on the west side of Homer-Watson there in a new neighbourhood with a great school and nice big houses. Easy access to the 401 is important to those who live here.

6) Columbia Forest and Clair Hills. Laurelwood is too expensive for what you get (a great school), but go a little further west and you’re still within easy reach of the universities and the research park. You still have good schools and frankly a more interesting topography.

7) Near the universities. Students like to be close to school. Two kilometres is good. Within one kilometre is better. There are plenty of student rental options here but it’s more for the serious investor who is not new to the game.

8) UpTown condos. Lots of people want to live here. Uptown has it all: nightlife, activities in Waterloo Town Square, the Library, a movie theatre, grocery store, coffee shops, restaurants… buildings like the Bauer building, and 144 Park are just what the young urban professionals are looking for.

9) Older neighbourhoods: It is wonderful to walk into a house that has not been updated since the 1970’s or 80’s. If that house is priced right and in a neighbourhood like Westmount or Beechwood or Kitchener’s East Ward, and if you are looking for a project as your investment, then you have found it.

Jose Jafferji,
your Real Estate Investment Advisor

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