Savvy Real Estate Investing in a crazy HOT Market!

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I recently made the huge transition from working full time to being 100% self employed!  I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to have this renowned sense of freedom and the ability to finally pursue my passions full time!

There’s a great quote I read that resonates perfectly with how I feel!  I don’t work 40 hours – infact it is more like 80 – 100 hours most weeks but I get to work for myself, and I get to work towards goals that are near and dear to my heart!

I mean, working for myself means there is no Monday to Friday – and honestly it is amazing.  I work 7 days a week, but I pick my own hours.  And if I want to have lunch with my wife in the middle of the day, or wake up a little later than usual because I had a particularly late night offer presentation; well that is A-OK!

But most of all the pleasure has come in spending all my time doing what I love.  And truly and honestly, not to sound completely cheesy here, but that is what investing in Real Estate has allowed me to do.  It has been a vehicle for me to create wealth and a business avenue where I get to spend time building a portfolio, and now helping my clients do the same.

I am eternally grateful and wake up each day counting my blessings.  Our motto at Rock Star Real Estate is “Your Life, Your Terms”.

IMG_2056My wife and I love to travel – real estate has allowed us to explore he world!  Here we are in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

I invite you to dig deep and think, what does this mean to you?  For each of us it is different – but ultimately the goal is to live the most abundant life possible. I believe financial freedom is the key, and real estate is a great vehicle to get you there!



I started actively investing in 2009, and boy have things changed since then!  I remember the days of purchasing properties that had been on the market for weeks – negotiating prices and best of all HAVING CONDITIONS IN MY OFFERS!

Things have certainly taken a turn, especially in the markets myself and my clients primarily invest in (Hamilton and Oshawa).

  1. Properties NEVER seem to stay on the market – and agents are consistently holding offers and creating bidding frenzies
  2. Asking price doesn’t seem to mean much – properties are going 30K, 50K, even 100K over!
  3. Conditions – what are those??

There are ample theories about this, but most point to the lack of inventory and the increased demand in the market (Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine).

However, the good news there is still opportunity.  In fact, there is ALWAYS opportunity.  Investors just have to get creative and figure out ways to work with the market.

I have always been a believer in creating equity through renovating my properties.  Finding diamonds in the rough and looking beyond ugly paint colours, smelly carpets and dim lighting has been the key to finding some of my most fruitful properties!

Most recently, I have also been focusing on creating secondary basement suites and you can read some of my blog posts with updates on these larger projects!

I know lots of people who are worried about a real estate bubble, or that prices are overly inflated and will suddenly collapse.  I am not an economist, and cannot predict what will happen with utmost certainly, however, I do believe in one thing.  There will always be a demand for renters, and therefore I will always have customers to service.  But we can talk more about that in another post!

So until next time……………!

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