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7 Biggest Differences Between REITs And Real Estate Syndications

If real estate investing seems interesting to you, but you’d rather avoid becoming a landlord, you’re not alone. Fixing toilet emergencies at 3am isn’t appealing to most people. Shocker. The next logical step that many investors take is toward a real estate investment trust (REIT), which is easy to access, just like stocks.  What is […]

Stocks vs Real Estate: A Comparison of Risks

Investment risk can be defined as the probability or likelihood of occurrence of losses relative to the expected return on any particular investment. Stating simply, it is a measure of the level of uncertainty of achieving the returns as per the expectations of the investor.  I am sure you have read the investment warnings – […]

The Effect of Inflation & Deflation on Real Estate

The Real Estate Market and the Stock Market are behaving irrationally – with frenzied multiple offers on properties, crazy market highs on stocks and lots of talk about bitcoin!  Isn’t it crazy that the tweets of Elon Musk are controlling market actions – what a crazy time we are living in. With all the media […]

Are Your Investments Pandemic Proof?

There are some days where I wake up and I still can’t believe the reality we are living in – do any of you feel this way?  We are definitely living in unprecedented times – ones that we just couldn’t have imagined being a reality.  I hope that you are staying healthy and sane – […]