My Emergency Surgery and One of The Most Asked Questions I Get

The weather was great this weekend and I made sure to try and enjoy it – I can’t believe it is August already.  I played a game of golf, spent time with the family at a picnic and even squeezed in a night of partying!  Everything was great – until I started experiencing severe abdominal pains on Sunday evening.

After two trips to the pharmacy with no avail, I realized that this probably wasn’t something that could be cured with good old Pepto.  We spoke with a few Drs we know, did a bunch of googling and realized I should probably make my way to the Emergency Room – so off we went.  After a gruelling 4 hour wait, I was finally seen by the Dr and told I had an appendix issue (Dr. Google had already warned me that this was probably the case).  The solution – emergency surgery.

Thanks to advances in medicine – it was done laparoscopically and my recovery is going to be fairly smooth.

20160802_090711But nevertheless, moments like this are eye opening and scary.  They make you vow to take care of yourself better and put your health first.  Most of all – they make you realize that nothing else matters more than your health.

The timing couldn’t have been worse – especially with a 6 weeks old baby and in the midst of a busy Real Estate season.  But honestly – is the timing ever good for things like this?  Of course not!


Whenever I speak with people interested in real estate investing, they seem most concerned with finding the right strategy for investing.  They want to know ‘the secret formula’ and they are hesitant to get started without figuring it out.

Honestly – there is no such thing.  There are so many ways to make money through real estate – buy and hold, rent to own, flipping etc. and I think that which one you employ really depends on an individuals needs.  To be honest, I think that a combination of strategies is great too – especially once you really start growing your portfolio.

Recently there has been lots of hype about Air B n B and the short term rental game.  I know people who invest in Costa Rica and do vacation rentals as well.  I still believe we live in one of the best countries in the world to invest.  The proof is that billions of dollars are pouring in from around the world into our market, and literally creating chaos.

There are also ways to invest in real estate without actually being a landlord – there are vehicles that allow you to invest your cash or RRSPs in mortgages backed by real estate for example.  This is great for those who see the potential in real estate but don’t have the time or desire to start purchasing property.

My belief is that real estate is extremely versatile and there is a strategy out there that is right for anyone who wants to get started.

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