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Real Estate Investment Cambridge

The hottest investment cities today are Hamilton, Kitchener and real estate investment Cambridge.

Each year these 3 cities fight for the top spot in the province, to be crowned the best real estate investment city.

For most people, any mention of Hamilton has probably already been on your radar. But chances are you’ve probably given less thought to Cambridge.

In a 140-page report by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), they assessed that Cambridge was attracting a lot of young adults who are moving to the area to start families. They’re also staying there in the region, so a trend toward younger families is growing.

Cambridge has an older stock of homes, which allows people to get in and add value and revitalize neighbourhoods.

Just like other cities throughout the GTA, there is an increasing number of small companies forming in the area.

Real estate investment Cambridge was once the home to many manufacturing businesses, but now the region is morphing into a high-tech and life sciences mecca.

There is a diversified and entrepreneurial economy that adjusts quickly to changing market conditions. The businesses around real estate investment Cambridge are supported by nearby universities and colleges.

Cambridge also highlights excellent parks, trails and recreation facilities and a location along the Grand River as keys to its continued growth, bolstered by a thriving arts and culture scene and excellent school systems.

Are you considering a real estate investment Cambridge?

Successfully investing in a property is a matter of how much work you’re willing to put into it.

I can help you find a nice home that can be made even better with a bit of work and renovations, which you should budget for ahead of time. And I’ll also help you rent it out to quality tenants.

This way, your mortgage will be covered by the rent and any cash left over can be used for renovations or reinvesting or anything else you want.

When the building is paid off in full, you can decide if you’d like to retire and live off the monthly cash flow or sell it with the help of myself.

The key to cash flowing an investment properties is to work quickly. Nothing is worse than having a house sit vacant after renovations. You’ll get left with paying interest on the mortgage balance. A trusted Real Estate Investment Advisor like myself can ensure that prospective tenants will be lined up outside begging you for the keys with money in hand.

Having a plan going in and knowing how much money and work will be involved to make the property desirable may take the help of an expert if you’re not experienced in the resale market.

If you’re serious about a real estate investment in Cambridge, feel free to write me a message on my contact page or leave a comment below.

Until next time…

Jose Jafferji, your Real Estate Investment Advisor

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